Custom Made Acrylic Products

Clear Design’s unique skills in product design and manufacturing of acrylic products over the past 25 years have allowed clients the option of easily choosing a product from our catalogue line up. We have selected the most wanted designs and made them available to the South African market. Each Design is an offering on its own with added options available to customize the product with acrylic colour materials and printing, to make your display stand out from the rest. Our pricing is competitive in the marketplace and backed by quality manufacturing. Clear Design only sources and uses high quality cast acrylic materials in all our catalogue items, from Brochure holders to Tables. We are able to offer you the right choice for your business and personal needs.
We strive to be simple in our design philosophy yet creative in our thinking and bold in our approach in our range of Catalogue options presented. With continued product development, we add new designs to our catalogue all the time and refresh trusted designs to keep our options appealing, interesting and trustworthy because our name is trusted and known for quality in acrylic fabrication.

Specialising in the fabrication of customised acrylic retail display and decor products. All of our products are made to order and fabricated to your unique requirements. We use 100% Eco-Friendy & award-winning materials.

Acrylic Display Products