Display Cases

Our clear display cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be custom designed for any application. At Clear Design we cater for all budgets and needs.

Clear Design’s attractive and affordable display case options are all designed to allow a mix of creative ideas for clients to choose from in support of their company’s unique requirements. Each display case can be branded by printing artwork or logos as required which is done during the manufacturing process. Securing valuable items on display in a retail store or public space brings peace of mind to a company’s product investment. The design of a display case brings more value in brand identity while becoming a brand and product ambassador that highlights products on display in a retail store, exhibition and trade show with the aim of increasing sales.


Can I choose specific colours for my product?
Yes, we have a range of colours available.
Can I print on my product?
Yes, we have our own printing department and can print artwork/branding/logos on most of our products.

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