Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about getting a costing from Clear Design?

Use our handy quote request tool

Clear Design needs as much information about the product you need for example what is the product going to be used for? How many are needed? Send a sketch drawing or a photo of the product this is needed so we can fully understand the product needed and therefore we can put a costing together that will give you the best option in product needed and affordability of the product.

Special packaging of products?

Clear Design does arrange special product packaging for clients for their shipping or delivery requirements packaging and shipping is only under taken when instructed by clients this extra costing is added to the client’s bill.

How long does it take to get a costing?

It all depends on what the product is that is been costed and what material requirements are needed in order to manufacture the produce. Turnaround time can be a few hours or a few days as clear design need time to get feedback from suppliers and the logistics of the building process needs to be assessed in order for costing to be worked out.

Does Clear Design have a workshop in Johannesburg?

Clear Design is based in Cape Town and does ship finished products to clients in and around South Africa as well as over sea clients in Europe

What does approved fabrication work shop mean?

Clear Design works with leading acrylic brands such as Perspex and Plexiglas and in both cases we work with material suppliers and equipment suppliers that specialise in acrylics and plastics in order to minimise manufacturing costs and speed up production of products in order to provide a cost effected and heights quality product that does not impact negatively in any way against a clients investment in acrylic or plastic display product.

If I place my order to day can I pick up in the morning?

No, Clear Design works on a first come first serve principle and all order are subject to the minimum turnaround time for material and production planning to take place in order for the product to be manufactured correctly.

Does clear design print on items that are manufactured?

Yes we do, Artwork is needed to be supplied ready for printing in open free hand file or PDF file that allows us to import the artwork for Digital printing or screen printing set up.

Does Clear Design work on the weekends are you open on Saturdays?

No we do not work on weekends or public holidays and we are not open on Saturday’s. Clear Design works from Monday to Thursday 8 am to 4:30 pm and 8 am to 4 pm on Fridays.