Clear Industry Leaders in Southern Africa

An industry leader is a business within a specific industry that is considered a quality and well-trusted brand. Characteristics of an industry leader include high levels of innovation, skillful employees, an established customer base and effective strategic planning and management.

Clear Design Display is the leading acrylic fabricator in Southern Africa. We were established in 1995, which has enabled us to have years of experience, expertise and knowledge about materials, machinery, best techniques and methods to use when fabricating. We employ the latest technologies and machinery to produce unique products that allow our customers to stand-out.

We provide a wide range of services from designing to assembling an end product, and work with a wide variety of materials to satisfy visual merchandising needs. We embrace product innovation with a developed catalogue as well as offering customized product options for local and international clients.

Clear Design Display is well-reputable brand with a recognized clientele base including corporate giants and independents.

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