A Clear Design podium is manufactured using cast acrylic because cast is stronger, thicker and sturdier compared to extruded acrylic. It is impact resistant and offers the best optic clarity of all acrylic materials.

The material is available in a wide array of colours that support your brand image, and we offer additional digital printing services to enable brands to include logos or artwork on a podium of their choice for additional brand and marketing exposure.

Podiums are available in a variety of designs to cater to your specific brand needs as well as the space it will be in. All podium designs have storage space for devices, notes, microphones, and water. Our podiums are unique and premium products that serve its purpose of adding value to your brand.

Our podiums have a 1-year guarantee, and we provide free delivery services of podiums in South Africa – We have a long-standing experience with our current contracted courier service, Star Express and Lace Couriers, who offer insurance cover, should this be required from time to time, and they are well acquainted of the transportation and handling of products from Clear Design Display.

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