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Product Design

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if you can dream it we can create it!

Clear Design Acrylic offers the full package solution for bespoke product development – from concept and design through to manuacturing and installation. We have a passion for creating beautiful acrylic products for our clients that are both functional and add value to their businesses.

Our design team has a keen understanding of the manufacturing process and capabilities of materials. As a result we are able to keep costs under control and work within our client’s budgets. Our team of talented inhouse designers are well know for their creativity and problem solving abilities. They have developed an impressive range of innovative products (click here to visit our gallery).

With over 25 years of experience in both creative product design and manufacturing we have an impressive track record of delivering quality acrylic products to a wide range of industries in Southern Africa and overseas to international clients. These industries include retail, display, exhibition, promotional awards, shop fitting, furniture and interior design. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your next creative acrylic product dream to life.

See below further detail on OUR PROCESS:


Following the client’s request our design team gets to work on product development and costing, using computer aided design to make our client’s vision into a real product.

Computer Drawing

All aspects of a product development are examined and prepared with computer drawing software to make sure the cutting of materials, printing and assembly can be achieved efficiently and at a high standard meeting the client’s expectations.


During the design process the client may request life like images to introduce their vision of what the product will look like once manufacturing is complete.


After the design and development process and sign off from our client to go ahead, manufacture of the product can begin and we arrive at the end of the process with the delivery of the project to our client.

from concept and design to finished product