Do’s & Don’ts of Cleaning Acrylic Products

For general cleaning of any acrylic product, you must use a mild soap, lukewarm water solution and a soft cotton cloth. Rinse the cloth well with water and dry the product by blotting. When dusting a product, use a clean, soft cotton or chamois cloth and wipe gently, otherwise you will make scratches on the product.

Acrylic is prone to scratches if not handled with care or if near sharp objects. If the scratches are surface level, we have good news for you, all you need is a soft cloth and some Braso and you can gently hand polish the product until the scratches disappear! Please remember to wash the Braso off a soapy water solution. Depending on the product, if the scratches are too deep, then we can assist you in sanding and buffing the scratches out.

Please be aware that you should not  be use a gritty cloth, scouring compounds, any detergents with alcohol, ammonia or acetone, or window cleaner fluid to clean your product as this will damage and crack the material – this is irreparable damage and will require you to buy a new product.

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